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Your Little Paw Friends will be Very Happy on Holiday with Happy Pet Hotel!

MW Phokaia Beach Resort provides a very special service with its Happy Pet Hotel application to its guests who do not want to leave their lovely friends behind on holiday.

Happy Pet Hotel, located in a separate area within the property, is a specially designed space for your cats and dogs to stay. Happy Pet Hotel provides service with its professional staff focused on making your lovely friends feel as peaceful as at home. Featuring specially designed pet rooms, lobby and reception area, pet hairdresser, pet shop, this special area will make your cats and dogs happy thanks to its activities, walking tracks, toys and 24-hour care and protection services.
If you want to benefit from this facility for your cats and dogs that will accompany you during holiday at MW Phokaia Beach Resort, you can get the service against nightly accommodation fee per pet.

Which Services Will You Get at Happy Pet Hotel?

Happy Pet Hotel offers private rooms and playgrounds designed for all breeds, sizes and characteristics.

• Special attention is paid to your cat/dog with well-trained and professional staff.
• With long-term day care services, entertainment and socializing opportunities are offered for mental and physical happiness.
• For each pet, there is one-to-one care and elaborateness.
• All kinds of needs of your cat/dog, including drug administration and nutritional needs, are taken into account with caution.
• Specially designed on-site walking paths (leash must be used while walking) are provided for dogs and their owners.
• Drinking water required by your cat/dog within the day is constantly and regularly renewed.
• Breakfast, dinner and snacks during the day are provided according to your cat’s/dog’s routine (food is provided by the pet owner).
• A comfortable sleep area and equipment is provided for the comfort of your cat/dog.

SPA, Hairdresser and Special Care Services for Your Little Friends

We also prioritize that your paw friends are as happy as you are during the holiday. We offer a special concept to your little friends with care treatments such as a relaxing massage, pedicure or brushing.

Providing service for your cats and dogs with experienced veterinarians and expert care staff, Happy Pet Hotel offers you the opportunity to benefit from basic features such as hairdresser, nail care, tooth brushing or special cleaning as well as advantages such as facial care and one-to-one play activities. We meticulously implement many more services that will meet all needs of your paw friend with this special concept. If you wish, you can include these special services including special care treatments in your general accommodation package at Happy Pet Hotel, within the additional fees determined by reservation.

General Information & Rules

We kindly ask our guests to visit their veterinarians before their trips to get a pet report card showing that their pets are healthy, their regular vaccinations, treatments for parasite, flea or tick and the medications they regularly use in order to have a comfortable and problem-free stay at Happy Pet Hotel.

• Please, make sure that the leash of your pet contains your mobile phone number.
• You need to carry all of your pet’s medications, instructions, health papers, emergency contact information, your vet’s contact information and a few pet toys with you.
• We kindly ask you to inform Happy Pet Hotel about the nutrition of your dog or cat, the dosages of medication, if any, and other important information before your check-in to our hotel.

• We kindly ask you to inform the officials during your check-in to the hotel about your suggestions to solve behavioural problems likely to occur in your absence.
• It may be a good idea to leave an unwashed item of your clothing with your dog or cat to make them relax through your smell in your absence.
• You need to inform your travel agency or reservation channel about your pet’s type, age, breed, nutritional requirements and confirm that your pet has been booked at Happy Pet Hotel.
• You can walk your pet, provided to use a leash, in Pet Routes determined at the property.
• Availability in guest rooms at Mw Phokaia Beach Resort does not mean that there is availability also at Happy Pet Hotel. Therefore, we strongly remind that our guests who want to come to our hotel with their pets must obtain availability information and confirmation for Happy Pet Hotel through the relevant sales channel while booking.
• Happy Pet Hotel offers a 24-hour basic medical veterinary service within the scope of business partnership with legally licensed veterinary companies that are experts in their fields.
Veterinary services are charged according to the fee schedule determined apart from the general control practices.
• Happy Pet Hotel will start to accept reservations as of April 30, 2022.